Neon Lamps


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Feel free to laugh me out of the building on this one, but....
I just saw these and thought they would look cool for a Steampunk style pedal.

From my non exisitant understanding these are running off AC power. What if anything could be done to make them work as an LED does on a pedal?
Also i assume they would get red hot to the touch as well, any other major issues?


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Chuck D. Bones

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These little neon bulbs dissipated very little power and don't even get warm. Most of them need at least 70V to light. They are non-linear to the point of exhibiting negative resistance. They could certainly be used to make distortion, but at the cost of needing a high-voltage power supply.

Those little neon bulbs and the xenon tube in the plasma pedal use the same physics, but are very different beasts. They will not look as cool.
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