Neurocyton Preamp - Greer Soma


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How does it differ from the Broadcast? I really wanted to build this one but Have a Benson and Broadcast halfway done on the back bench.


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This is a jfet overdrive type pedal with full EQ. It's quite different sounding than the Broadcast which to me has kind of a "guitar plugged straight into the console" sound and only the low cut control. All 3 are good pedals but I like this the best, the EQ is more powerful than on the Benson I think


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Building this right now and stupidly soldered in the transformer without checking the orientation. Not sure I can pull it without destroying the pads... I don't suppose it'll work backwards? Anybody got an idea?


I think I've read somewhere (but please don't quote me on that) that the 42tm018 (which is pretty similar to the 141P) can be installed backwards, and that makes sense since it's a 1:1 transformer