Never walk into your work area barefoot....


Yep, I hear yeah. It hurts. you say I'll never do that again. than a week later your foot finds another one. that's my current process. On a brighter note I haven't built anything recently so I think my feet have cleaned up all the resistor legs. So that's a positive... right

Harry Klippton

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My love for Crocs is in my blood. Literally, cuz I stepped on a nail in the garage a few summers ago and when it punched through the sole of my favorite footwear, a piece got embedded in my foot


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Man, do I feel for you on this but, I am so showing this to my step daughter! She constantly comes out to my garage without shoes on. I keep telling her she’s going to end up with a resistor leg in her foot but she won’t listen. Maybe your pain will help get it through her head lol.