New production germaniums

Chuck D. Bones

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For $7 each. A search for AC127 on New Jersey Semiconductor's website comes up empty.

I'm still researching this, asked a couple of my Components Engineering friends about NJS and am waiting to hear back. I contacted one of NJS's authorized distributors and received a quote of $395 for 100 pieces. When I asked for a datasheet and info on where the die were manufactured, I got radio silence.

I remain skeptical that anyone stateside would spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to get a semiconductor fab line up and running to make small-signal germanium transistors. The demand is simply not large enough. AFAIK, the only germaniums in production in the last couple of decades are coming from China. Maybe that's where NJS is getting theirs.

Chuck D. Bones

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I have some "1N34A" diodes that are actually Schottky. I've seen 1N60 that are the exact same appearance. If they are tiny orange glass, they're not germanium.


Those look odd
i get confused with this stuff. i've got some that i bought maybe 20 years ago that are opaque like this, but blue/black rather than grey/black. they were from either radio shack or mouser. i have often wondered if they were the same as other 1n34a styles that i have that look very different. i've also got some 1n695 diodes that are grey like the ones shown. i guess this is why we socket and test these things, huh?
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Chuck D. Bones

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I heard back from my CE buddy... he did not have much useful info. I'll try circling back with the distributor to see why they haven't responded to my request for some proof of authenticity.


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I got an email from Ross at StompBoxParts today.

Apparently there was a miscommunication and these are actually NOS, not new production, so that explains some of the confusion.