DEMO No-Knobbed, C-Buffered Percolation Station

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Wanted to whip up a dead simple microphonic feedback booster and clangy fuzz, so I made this

I used values in between the Standard and Albini spec for all relevant components -
  1. R1 - 2.4M
  2. R2 - 130k
  3. R4 - 56k
  4. C3 - 1u
  5. C2 is 15n for the clang
I used a D9K and and infrared LED for clippers. I also slapped a 47p across base and collector of Q1 and a 470p across q2's.
Q1 is an MP40 with hfe of 44 and leakage of 34ua. Q2 is a 2N2219 with hfe of 118.
Replaced the volume pot with an internal trimmer (set at about halfway- thing gets loud(, and hardwired a 57r resistor across lugs 2&3 of the Harmonics pot.
All buffered with the Cornish guy 1000026568.jpg 1000026570.jpg

Here's some early morning noodling, run through some Rat stackage, cleanup and pickup positions