SOLVED Octarock smoking


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So just did first power up for an Octarock build and I got nasty smelling smoke coming out. Took a look and the middle IC was in backwards. I fixed it, but also noticed that the 10R resister on the top right of the board was burnt out (likely what was smoking). I only have one more 10R resister on hand so before I plug it in again, I want to make sure I got it right. Does it make sense that the IC being backwards would have fried the 10R?

I wouldn't bother testing it, you've already released its magic smoke.

You'll need a new one that still contains its magic smoke.

How they get the magic smoke in is a more closely guarded secret than how they get the caramel into a Caramilk bar !
I think @Bio77 is correct, the input jack does look wired in reverse.
Yup, I believe you're correct that Bio77 is correct.

After I read his post I looked at the pic again and thought it was okay, but after your post I grabbed one of my own jacks...

I stand corrected, the input jack in fact is incorrect, and if I'm correct and not mistaken it's the same type of jack for the ouput which would mean that its wiring, too, is incorrect.

Further corrections must be made! Correct?