Octave Fuzz For Bass

So, one of my buddies commissioned an octave/fuzz for his bass rig. Can anyone offer recommendations for a PedalPCB board setup that will work for this? We are not opposed to doing an all-in-one PCB for octave/fuzz, or a 2-in-1 with one board for fuzz, one for octave. I would actually prefer this, as I can then add an order switching PCB.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as well as any modifications that will lend towards using on bass. Thank you all in advance!
Yeah, Ocelot for octave down. I'd ditch the -2 octave though. Pair that with the Hyped Fuzz.
Adding an order switch should be cool, sure, and really cool would be a series/parallel switch.
I'm a bass player and have a meatbox type of thing running in parallel with an octave up fuzz - it sounds like the end of the world.
(footswitches for fuzz, octave up, octave down).
I've been on a similar quest myself. Octave fuzz can be tough for bass. I used a fuzzy fox with an added clean blend and mids toggle for quite a while. More recently I put a green muff in parallel with an Escobedo Octomix from moonn and while i don't like the octave quite as much, it is awesome. You get your nasty up, fat fuzz, and clean easily mixed together. I intend to do more parallel octave fuzzes in the future pairing octaves I like with bass friendly fuzz.

I also like the green ringer-esque octave up on the octorock, there's the standard that includes an oc2-ish octave down and clean but Robert also put together a smaller version without the octave down called the octuplet. I'll likely use the octuplet on my next parallel build.

Lastly, JHS recently released the lizard king. I'm hoping Robert traces this one because it has a lot of potential. I built a lizard queen and don't love it on bass but it does have a strong octave. They supposedly tweaked it and added a blend. We shall see.
I got kits of this one. The fact people like it for bass made it a no brainer. Still wrapping my head around the circuit, so building (along with my personal opinion) will be shelved until I know a bit more about what I'm doing. But it's another potential option that's not talked about much.

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