DEMO One for the grandpa guitars.

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Made this for my father as a spitball solution for finding the ideal sound for recording acoustic guitar. I may post a demo later if he finds the time to use it and provide me with an A/B recording!

The pedal is a four in one. It features the PedalPCB 6-band EQ into the Delegate Compressor (Boneyard Edition) into Uni Cab into the Sproing Reverb!

You might be wondering at this point why I threw a cab simulator into the build. When looking at the controls I thought there might be some translatable applicability to acoustic guitars in that your ability to control the parameters of a cab would be similar to controlling the parameters of an acoustic guitar body.

The four circuits are connected in series through the loop of a GPCB Buff n' Blend which allows a dry signal blend.

I rated this a four because there was a sever in the trace between pin 8 of the TC1044 and the diodes preventing power from getting to the opamp of the compressor. It was a simple fix but it took a couple nights of looking at it and putting it down. I was getting a "Dry" signal when all pedals were engaged and the blend was dialed to "wet." The prospect of diagnosing a not at all obvious problem among five PCBs is daunting.

After visual inspection failed to yield any problems, I found the issue when measuring voltages of all the ICs. I found no voltage at the IC and located the issue at the severed trace. Very simple fix, however, I'm the type of guy who likes things to go off without a hitch.

The other issue is the Ratio control is slightly out of line. I keep forgetting larger enclosures have a lid screw in the middle which takes up room. inside the enclosure. D'oh!



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