Pandemic Thanksgiving haul. Complete, tested, and ready for boxing. Now I just need to think of some art for each of these.


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Man that's a lot pedals for one weekend
Most were installing the rest of the parts that had come in this week and adding the pots, jacks and switches. A couple were debugging problems with builds that didn't work. The magnetron was not working, turned out it was a bad solder joint on the switch. The super 64 had a diode in backwards, I pulled the pad taking it out and had to put a jumper on the back of the board.

The pineapple and pantheon I needed to update my templates :) they are starting to look like swiss cheese.



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I wonder if there's any quick 6 pin terminals usable for switch wiring like you've done with the power connectors there.

Those jst would work but you'd still need to strip all the wires and solder them in so don't really gain anything... I'm thinking more like a 6 pin header thing on the board and a female connector off the switch PCB.

I wonder if that's a thing.


For me, the artwork usually takes WAY more time than the building, so for that reason I haven't been able to more than 6 at a time which you seem to have quadrupled!

Well done so far- I really like your drilling templates.