Paragon question


Hello, alright, so I’m building my second paragon and the pedal works, and everything, but the red side is slightly but very noticeably quieter than the yellow side. I’m not sure what’s going on. I have it wired up for 9v instead of the 18v, both sides are normal gain. They are both set to clean boost mode. The ic readings on the red side are only slightly lower than the readings on the yellow side. Like, if the yellow side pin 2 read 8.97v the red side would read 8.64v (these are reference voltages, btw. I tested it while running it with an 18v supply.) does anyone have any idea why it would do that, or what could be causing it? And/or, has anybody ever had this happen to them before? I’ve already done the usual suspects: check component values, reflow solder joints, etc. ANY help is greatly appreciated.