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Parentheses Fuzz: Rotary Switch Settings?


New member
Does anyone know what the rotary switch clipping options are on the Parentheses Fuzz, from left to right? I'm a little too green to be able to identify it by ear... or the wiring diagram. Thank you for your help.
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New member
Thank you!

So the 4th position is nothing (or is it just still symmetrical clipping)? To my ears, it sounds like turning it to the 4th position actually introduces a 4th clipping option. Am I just imagining it?


Staff member
Whoops. 😂

Yep, 4th position is Germanium clipping.

This mode is only available if you use the rotary (not the toggle switch).


New member
Hahaha, oh right. I remember putting those in there! S'pose I could've gotten to the bottom of that if I had thought hard enough about it...

Thank you for your help!