Pedal challenge! (Not a competition)


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So I see a lot of pedals being built but rarely get to hear them.. after all we build them to play right? so here is the challenge make a video Or sound clip of a riff, solo, cord progression, improve jam or a whole song using one or more pedals you built. It doesn’t have to be perfect or polished just show us YOUR TONE!(maybe this should have went in the “who we really are” thread.) it’s ok if you’re rusty, out of practice or just flat out suck( I’m all three!) just give a run down of what you are using and the chain if more than one pedal... it might give others the want to build something they wouldn’t normally consider. So I’ll put my money where my mouth is and go first.
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Feral Feline

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Thanks guys! @Feral Feline I think the phone angle was distorting my
Right, your "hand".

Hey, no foot shaming here, nothing wrong with abnormally long toes on a foot with monkey-grip — that can actually be quite handy.
I have long toes, but not quite as dexterous with my big toe as you are.


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I want to build a low watt head one of these day...that’s awesome!

what kind of tubes are you running?


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I t
This is from a few months ago. No pedals that I can remember, just my 5 watt mini plexi cranked. Not a tone I use often but I can't resist turning amps all the way up to see what happens

I tried that with my Bluebreaker shortly after I got, the ringing went away in a day or three!