PolyHog - od/distortion


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Can the POLYHOG ( SKU: PCB034 ) ( similar to Pigtronix Saturator ) be powered with more than 9 VOLTS? 12? 15? 18? ?
Thank you , KWE


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CD4049 has a max input voltage of 18v, I think 4558s do too. So bumping up the voltages would be putting some undo stress on those chips. What are you trying to achieve by running up the voltage?


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The PolySaturator runs at 18 V

I haven't seen the 18V version, although I've read that it exists. The only one I've seen (or can even find pictures of) is the 9 - 15V version.

The maximum supply voltage would depend on the components you use. I don't supply any of the components you might have received in a kit (from Musikding I assume?) so can't comment on the voltage rating for the components you have.

As long as the electrolytics are rated at 25V or higher you should be good to go up to 15V. Beyond that is uncharted territory.


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I'm glad to know this too, as I was planning on building an 18v addon originally.

Does anyone know anything about this:

"Based on our acclaimed PolySaturator design, the War Hog ups the ante with more gain and shifted EQ points to satisfy shredders"

That one does have "18v" printed in it, instead of "9v-15v"