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I’ve built the Conqueror a number of times now. Having an issue with latest version of the pcb.

I’ve done a little probing around. I’m getting signal from the transistors, but nothing from the switch poles, which leads me to suspect the transformer. I’m using 42TM013, and the layout has changed since my last build. It seems like there are pads for all three of the primary pins but only one pad for the center pin on the other side. Is this correct? Are the only connections the top three primary pins and the center pin on the bottom?



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I just finished this build. There should be five holes over two holes over three holes, correct? The three center top holes, the two middle holes, and the bottom three are the ones I used. Make sure that the “P” stamped on the side is pointed towards the pots, too. Also, you can only hear with MRB when the bass pot is turned down a bit.


Here's what I have going on with the transformer. What I was asking was that, as you see, there are no solder pads for the bottom outer pins. Is this correct?


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That's correct. There should be no electrical connection to the secondary side of the transformer.

I'm not entirely happy with the new transformer footprint.... It did add compatibility with some other inductors, but with that came more room for confusion. It'll likely revert to a footprint that is compatible with the 42TM013 and a typical fasel inductor. It's unrealistic to try to accommodate every inductor in the world.
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Let's see the rest of the board.

I take it you're using an audio probe. Where exactly are you probing and what is the probe plugged into. i.e. what are you using to listen to the places you probe?