Question about a pedal?


Did pedalpcb ever make a version of the eqd bellows? Or do they still I read online someone said they built a bellows from here … I don’t see one here


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I don't know if PPCB ever had one, but guitarpcb and effectslayouts have PCBs for Bellows, so maybe they were using those.

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This is a serious transgression against upvotes, Robert, moreso than the DS-1W debacle.

I mean, is this "Bellows" thing even IN The Wishlist?

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Hey! Wassa matta fo you?


Dey mussa be from th' old country, bellisimo!
Everbuddy there talksa wit their hands.

IF youse gots problem wit dat, then I'ma thinkin' only youse got a problem, an' 'roun' heah...


.. belief me...Wese knows how to deal with problems. Capisci?

No ringmods in the shop, now that's a problem... know what I'm sayin'?