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My daughter snapped this while in Sedona while out there for work. Zen
(she has a nice camera with a built-in phone)



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When I was in college, I was watching a fun argument between some student and the street preacher with a sign just like this. Dude was out there spitting hate and misogyny at every young woman who walked by and this kid was just done with it. Suddenly from the sky (perhaps the roof of the neighboring dorms) a ton of water balloons absolutely decimate the preacher. I don't know what was in there but it was not water. Soup maybe? Not sure.


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Friends, if you find a place that makes their own mushu wraps and soup dumplings, never let them go under. I've seen a lot of amazing restaurants shuttered this year. I won't recover if we lose this one. Hug your chefs, they love you.

Dumplings not pictured because waiting on soup dumplings for any reason is impossible/ ill advised.


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