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'67? Very nice! :love:

wait...headlights are different....65?
'66 Windsor...

Bought by my Dad in '86 for my Mom and restored by him and painted by his friend. Stock colour was an unattractive pale blue, Dad chose a darker colour. It got hit, was fixed and resprayed but it didn't quite pop or match. Then it got hit again, above and in the rear passenger skirt while getting some wheel-work done. It's sat for the past five years, since Dad passed, because I was overseas. Got it out of mothballs, same friend-painter fixed and repainted it again with my assistance. Got a pretty good match to the colour my Dad chose, but in fact the colour I chose pops just a wee bit more than Dad's — he would've approved.

Left is the new colour, right is the ashtray from the first restoration — in person they are much harder to tell apart, but you can see the older one is a bit darker. The interim paint wasn't as nice as either of the above.

Managed to get it done in time for Mom's birthday, and took her for a cruise.
It will always be her car, though Dad always drove it, wrenched on it etc.
Now I am its claviger.


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It’s a beauty!

Pre-1980 I could ID most cars by sight.

Nowadays when people ask “What kind of car is that over there?” I just say “a red one”.
Same with me but with guitars. It doesn’t even have to be red.
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Not sure, super-hectic here with all sorts of car craziness going down, but I'll find out tomorrow — car-club is throwing down a show'n'shine type event. So more pics tomorrow.

All In The Family: Shoebox-owner painted my car, Merc is his son's (and son painted my car originally), and the Trans-Am is son's daughter's (my friend's grandkid).

Also in the middle pic are a bunch of soapbox-derby cars being towed by a quad (son of the daughter will drive one of those, ie great grandson of my friend).

There was a sweet '27 Track-T burning around just before the parade started, but I didn't manage to snap a pic.

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OK, I feel like I need to share...

Where I used to work, the Car Club sponsored a car show each summer. I'd get in trouble with security every year for taking pictures.

Late model Morgan.jpg

Ford flathead.jpg

Personal favorite, a T-bucket roadster with a blown flathead topped with three deuces. You don't get any more old-school than that unless you rode in on a 1909 Harley. Note the magneto ignition.

T-bucket Roadster with blown flathead.jpg

This pic I shot outside Harbor Freight. That Deuce Coupe is powered by a 392 Hemi. Two Holley 4-barrel carbs feed a GM 6-71 blower. As if that wasn't enough horespower, the owner installed nitrous. The exhaust system has electrically actuated bypass valves (just below driver's door) for racing. This thing had a smooth idle and with the exhaust running thru the mufflers, it sounded fairly tame.

Deuce Coupe with 392 Hemi, blower & NO2.jpg

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I'm a big Moggy fan, lovely! Any more pics of the car the Offenhauser flattie is in?

Here’s a few snapped in the past month…

Early '30s Studebaker

Milner Coupe clone

'39 Merc

'28 Roadster in Allis Chalmers orange.

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My/Mom's ragtop.

The son of my friend with the '62 Lincoln (behind the Windsor above) told me that despite being from different marques, both cars were penned by the same designer — Elwood Engel.
A better pic would reflect that, but this is the only pic I've got of both together. If you look at the knife-edge corners, upper-body trim and bumpers — you can see some resemblances.

1E2B92C4-B62C-49BE-A785-47F8F04A37CB.jpeg C2D58015-CDEE-4FE6-8C0F-F31B48F1BF2A.jpeg
'51 Shoebox w/ '50 grill and a '6x T-bird interior, under the bonnet an early OHV Caddy.

8019D1CB-12FB-4DB9-9245-C1EC3A3D121F.jpeg E428EF59-2099-43A9-B360-7997DFDCD0AD.jpeg
Super-Fun truck, but not much for legroom...

0DB18C37-26C4-46B0-B7CB-E68D8B3D2391.jpeg AE45E527-095F-4CF5-BE4C-DBB157E60D7B.jpeg
'34 Poncho detail; a stock '26 Studebaker and a free PCB (of my choice) to whoever correctly gets the year and make of the black sedan on the right.
(Yes, I know what the black sedan is.)

1A9C9B46-F4F8-4074-9EB7-855146DB9632.jpeg E54EC5DF-7336-492A-A7FF-25A7111D715E.jpeg
Teal T has a same-colour Pro-Street/Touring '57 Belair 'vert behind it and off camera ahead of the T a same-colour '57 Belair 2-door sedan;
lots of variety at the show'n'shine — about 100 cars turned out (150 were expected)... '55 T-bird, bitchin' TR-2, some Grand Nationals, vintage Vettes, Mega-Power Pony-cars, a sweet Acadian's engine-bay adorned with tasteful pinstriping...

'60 23-window was off the charts — you could buy a house for the amount of money/effort put into this one, but I'd take the Bus over the house.
Custom one-off rear-end, modern aftermarket steering suspension bits up front, healthy motorvation, immaculately clean and deeeeetailed...

The Bus and the Shoebox were my favourites, but oh so many more droolworthy rides were there...


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If I were a bird, I'd think twice :ROFLMAO:

Edit: A nice 15cm wingspan.
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I attended two car shows this past weekend, a small one with about 50 cars on Saturday, and another on Sunday with about 400 cars.
However, rather than inundate the thread with yet more cool car pics (maybe start a separate thread for that?), I give you,,,

Alberta Wild Rose (and bugs)

1E0BBB96-F70E-4617-BC2E-02E482E3D829.jpeg Just another phone pic, I'm no photog, snapped yesterday.

This will be the basis of my inspiration for my PPCB Rosemary Fuzz build, aka SGFX Rosie.
The puny AB Wild Rose is a particularly prickly @#$%, so quite fitting for the build.