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'67? Very nice! :love:

wait...headlights are different....65?
'66 Windsor...

Bought by my Dad in '86 for my Mom and restored by him and painted by his friend. Stock colour was an unattractive pale blue, Dad chose a darker colour. It got hit, was fixed and resprayed but it didn't quite pop or match. Then it got hit again, above and in the rear passenger skirt while getting some wheel-work done. It's sat for the past five years, since Dad passed, because I was overseas. Got it out of mothballs, same friend-painter fixed and repainted it again with my assistance. Got a pretty good match to the colour my Dad chose, but in fact the colour I chose pops just a wee bit more than Dad's — he would've approved.

Left is the new colour, right is the ashtray from the first restoration — in person they are much harder to tell apart, but you can see the older one is a bit darker. The interim paint wasn't as nice as either of the above.

Managed to get it done in time for Mom's birthday, and took her for a cruise.
It will always be her car, though Dad always drove it, wrenched on it etc.
Now I am its claviger.