Resource: Fuzz Topologies


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Good stuff.

I've been irritated lately because Josh Scott has been broadcasting this idea that there are 2 transistor fuzzes, 3 transistor fuzzes and 4 transistor fuzzes, and that terminology seems to be catching.

Okay, yeah, the most popular fuzzes in history have been Fuzz Faces, Tonebenders and Big Muffs, which coincidentally have those number of transistors, but that's NOT the circuit topology. Drives me crazy.


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but that's NOT the circuit topology. Drives me crazy
Drove me crazy too! Exactly why this was really eye opening for me.

Those transistor count descriptions are pretty useless for understanding the circuitry, especially when you add that modern adaptations of these designs might use additional transistors for buffers and recovery/boosts. I’d figure no one would consider a 3 Darlington pair Big Muff a 7 transistor circuit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯