Rig Run Down Clapton


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Can we talk about how disappointed I am with Rig Rundowns where the rigs are simple?

I’m not gonna lie I like:

a.) When the artist is there and;

b.) When they have tons of cool gear.
The best Rig Rundowns for me are Nels Cline's because there is so much stuff and he's so into it and Tommy Emmanuel's because he has nothing and he's so into it. Both true gentlemen, as opposed to some no-name wannabes that show off their newly-acquired vintage gear with rehearsed jadedness.


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This isn’t from Premier Guitar, but it’s a rig rundown, and it’s one of my favorites. I live how he introduces each pedal, and then puts in it motion…



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I like the Hives and I really liked that rig rundown of them. Rebecca Dirks did a great job and the boys in the Hives were kind to her. They seem like they'd be hilarious to tour with.