Schematics coming soon....


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Schematics coming soon.... I know i keep on harping on about this like there's no tomorrow.
I just like to learn and have them available for trouble shooting and comparing.

Could we maybe have a section in the pedal wiki with just the schematics linked up, the ones to the existing pedalpcb boards listed and then, clearly separated, a section for modded versions and / or unconfirmed ones that are not directly pedapcb boards?
I see so much good stuff shared and developed by Chuck and others that it would be such a valuable resource section to have I reckon. It woulld make finding schematics and trouble shooting a lot easier me thinks.


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I'm just getting into pedal building and was thinking of how huge a boon a wiki would be to this community. I build pedals to save money and unwind; I don't plan on drilling my own enclosures and would prefer to source parts on a per-pedal basis from a single supplier so I'd love to have a place with Tayda-linked BOMs and ready-to-send drilling spec spreadsheets. I managed to find the wiki via a DDG search but it seems very empty and isn't SSL'd... I'd be glad to take up the mantle on reconfiguring it as such and building a skeleton of content. I've administered a few small MediaWiki installations before and would love to make everybody's life a bit easier.

@PedalPCB Who administers the wiki and what's the plan for it?


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Right now the Wiki is just a dumping ground for random information. The ideal goal would be for it to grow into exactly what you'd hope it would be, but it suffers from a lack of time to do it "right". There's been no need for SSL so far because it's closed to outside editing / account creation.

I'm hesitant to open it up for 100% public editing because it would quickly be overrun with spam (and possibly misinformation), but bringing some moderators/content creators onboard has been discussed and is definitely a possibility. There's even been talks about moving the build documentation to the Wiki.

If you have experience with MediaWiki we should talk. =)