SOLVED Sea Horse worked then didn't

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Had it working in the box, then after tightening nuts and adding knobs and backplate I get only dry signal whether on or off. Took the backplate off to test again and same thing, poked all offboard wires and they all seem to be still connected. LED still turns on and pulses properly. Any ideas? Thanks 20210815_200232.jpg

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My best guess:

Cold solder joint (ie cracked) that only rears its ugly head when the hatches are battened down.

Magnifying glass time, inspect all your pots and wiring connections, or just reflow all those aforementioned solder points and see if that does the trick.


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Can't count how many times a reflow has solved my crappy soldering in non working pedals. Although I've built over 200+ pedals now one would think one gets better with ones age
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