[Sheepylove] Sacrificial Lamb (BA Alter Destiny)


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I build a lot but don't box a lot, I don't know if that speaks more for my taste in pedals or the pedals themselves. In any case, I boxed this one!

Thanks to @HamishR for enlightening me to this Muff variant. I'm not a huge Muff fan, I value what they do and enjoy the tones but they don't gel with my playing style. He recommended the Basic Audio Alter Destiny for me to try out, and I was really happy with it. Essentially, it's a Muff with an added Mid and Fat (bass) control. I changed the second pair of clipping diodes (in the third gain stage) for BAT42s and was immediately sold. It's lower gain than a regular Muff and lets more of your guitar through. I also used BC549C transistors per recommendation.

The mid and bass controls really let you tailor for your guitar (pedals always have too much bass), and I've kept this one for the Sheepylove inventory.


I'm using v3.1 of my Basic Relay implementation, this lets you use the LED on the main board or one from the relay board. I did a rookie mistake and soldered it on the wrong side, so I had to desolder it and do it right. That's why the solder joints look so messy.


I didn't notice that the bass control is on the wrong side until I had the PCBs fabbed, and now I have to live with the regret every time I look at the pedal. Knobs are from Daier, and they're full metal. They're twice the price of plastic 1900H clones, but feel and look really nice. Not sure if that matters to me so much, but they are extra classy.


As with my layouts going forward, I am using onboard LED through a faceplate. I tried a normal thickness faceplate this time (I usually do 0.8mm) but it works better with the thinner one. Lessons learned. LED is a 10mm diffuse. Hard to take a nice picture, but it looks nice on the floor.
Wow, that's fantastic! Yes it is a great Muff variant - my favourite. I'll have to track down some BAT42s. I do really like how you do these things. Unfussy and clear, with a touch of Kiwi mystique. Perfect.
The illuminated faceplate is indeed quite fancy. What jacks and DC jack are you using? I'm sure you've covered this before but I must know