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SHO 'nuff!

What color should I paint this?

  • clear coat

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  • white

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Well-known member
What if you did that steel wool and vinegar process to antique it then a clear coat to preserve it, I'd change my vote!

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
In Accordance with Prophesy, I am leaving the box bare. I hit it with a little Scotchbrite here and there to remove some JB Weld fingerprints. Other than that, it's au naturel. Got another Handy Box pedal in the works, but right now it's still in the breadboard testing phase.

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member


New member
I haven't used the stuff in years but hammertone spraypaints do an acceptable job (not at pretty as powdercoat, but hey)... and it's a heck of a lot tougher than regular spraypaint.

Little Boxes.jpg