Snouse Blackbox 2/Pro Mod


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Happy to open it up! I don't have much experience with tracing (or drawing my own circuit diagrams), but I know my way around a pedal decently well so I'll give it a go and see if I can get anything from it.


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Here are some pictures :

Parts are (top row)
film cap 1L1 103 || 1L1 103 || 1L1 103 || blue mlcc with "221" || 2.2u 50v electro on top, 100u 25v on bottomr || 1N4001 ||10u 63v electro on top, 100u 25v on bottom || blue mlcc with "100" || 1L1 103 || 1L1 103 || 1L1 103

Row below pots:
red film cap u: 104 || U: 104 || 2N5457 || TL072 || 2n5457 || U: 104 || electro cap soldered on the bottom

There's also a resistor running from the board to the positive lug of the DC Jack (CLR?)


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Thanks. Looks like it uses the 27K/33K/10pf setup which is from the earliest bb circuit.
They also added a JFET, which isn't in the BB. I wonder if this is an input or output buffer? gain stage?


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Please, let’s get this going. I’m on the list but I’d love to have my own build with a soft switch and top jacks. I remember when Snouse was giving them away along with his Blue Line. I had an early double Black Box that I sold for cheap. I definitely think the mods will be helpful as the standard version had some drawbacks like the original.