Solder Sponge


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Anybody else use the copper scotch brite scrubbing pads as a solder sponge? The natural sponges that came with my hardware were ... well ... nursing home fodder and I didn't feel like ordering more from Bezos so I went under the kitchen sink for a solution ... works pretty great so far, I assume some sort of plastic coating is the difference between this and traditional wire tip cleaners


Reverse Engineer
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Yep, mine was looking pretty crusty so I grabbed a pack from the Dollar Tree.

Seemed to work just as well.


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I use them in hakko holder, when they get beaten up I put in a new one, but they last for years


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I do. I also use old shower sponges. Those tiny ones that fit in the soldering station are ridiculously expensive.

Alan W

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The notion of cleaning a hot soldering tip on a damp sponge makes no sense, even if I did it for 40 or more years. About 10 years ago, when I got my first decent station (Hakko 888) it came with a brass cleaner, and I was converted immediately. The brass wool pot cleaners seem to work just as well.