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This is the one I've been using lately:

Had a blue one before this one. They're cheap so I don't feel bad if they don't last but 6 months.
I've had mine for almost a year now and it's all nasty with rosin on my soldering station side and has a bunch of slits in it because I keep forgetting it's not my cutting mat. I just kind of want to see how far it goes, honestly :ROFLMAO:

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I was just amazed how much static gathered in the mat in just half an hour of usage when I went pull it up from the work bench. Barry, you may have put the finger on my main issue .... I live in Canada which is up north for most of you ... and it's -20f this morning so the heating system is working full capacity. The air is dry no dough. I'll give try the dollar store silicone mats a try and I'll quickly figure out if that is the low humidity environment that's causing the static. I'll also buy a pack of dryer sheets as Thewintersolder recommended ... it can only help! Thank you all for your comments.


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Your wife knows you use her over liner?
She made me buy my own. Not very exciting, but it works. I actually cut mine into smaller rectangles (it was 24"x16").