[solved] Billing Phone is not a valid phone number.


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Greetings from France :)

I try to place an order but I can't get through because of my phone number being refused.
Number checked and checked again, and again... no error there.
I've tried adding my international indicative with all possible ways to write it (+33 0033 33) without any luck.
Same thing without indicative, adding space... whatever form is refused.

How is this supposed to be used ?

Thanks by advance
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Même avec un numéro bidon ça ne fonctionne pas o_O

Using fake number doesn't work, with an existing US number neither, maybe because I specify I'm from France ?
I got to do it if I want it to be shipped here. Unless I got to fil a fake billing adress too ?

This is very annoying, and I'm very surprised I can't find anyone talking about this issue although this is a very basic precondition to any international order. :/
What country are you in? This has never been an issue with any other order that I'm aware of.
Hi, thanks for caring. :)

I'm from France.
That's strange, such thing should be systematic.

I'll try with an other web browser, it is streched guess but that's the only reason I could think from my side.
Oh yeah, I've shipped several orders to France this week with no problem.

I'd definitely try a different browser. I don't think making the field optional is going to help, otherwise entering a made up telephone number would have worked. The system has no way of verifying that you're entering your correct phone number.

Some international shipments REQUIRE a telephone number for customs purposes (in fact the shipping label won't print without one), otherwise you might not be contacted if duties / fees are due.
Also I just tried creating an order using the telephone number "+33 0033 33" and it was accepted with no problem.
I made it all the way to the PayPal payment screen.

I also just tried making up numbers... 12345, 123-4567, and 123-456-7890 were all accepted.
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Got same problem with Firefox or Edge. :/
I've tried to set my adress in my account, same error.
I guess it comes from my side but I can't understand why.

I understand the need, I guess it's one more European administrative nightmare to make it work with local laws... but I don't care, I'm willing to give my phone, just want to buy stuffs. ^^'
If anyone else has this problem it appears to have been caused by an international keyboard.

The phone number was rejected on my end when copy / pasting from the private message, but if I typed the exact same number manually it was accepted.

Converting the text to ASCII values revealed four extra characters in the pasted text that weren't visible.
The offending character string is ASCII 226 128 172, which correspond to the Unicode U+202C "POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING".

What is odd is that this is only present on your home phone number. That string doesn't appear in any of your other text, including the mobile phone number.

I should be able to strip Unicode characters from the phone number to prevent this from happening again, but I'm curious as to why it's happening, and why only to a single entry? ...
I'd like to know too.

I got W10 pro, no OS tweak. Maybe the keyboard ? It's a Logitech K310.
Let me know if you need any detail that may help you.
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I got W10 pro, no special tweak. Maybe the keyboard ? It's a Logitech K310.
Let me know if you need any detail that may help you.
AZERTY... Worst keyboard ever.


I lived in Paris for 6 months but I had my QWERTY with me. ;)
Oh boy... o_O
I used my clipping firefox addon for the first completion... then copy pasted it from firefox to edge when I tryied with an other browser.
Damn it may have come from there e_e

Loving chinese sauces can be problematic...
I broke a keyboard once because of it, then I went full soya proof. Never happened again though, but I'm covered now. XD