Spin FV-1 Development board requires skinny caps?


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Hi All,

I'm excited to build my first Spin FV-1 Development board and write some code. However, the board layout places a group of 1 uF box film capacitors back-to-back apparently requiring 2.5 mm width size. The 3.5 mm box caps I bought don't fit together in that space. I can't find any 2.5 mm width 1 uF box film caps for sale online. The other film caps required for the board, such as the 2n2 and 1n, are available in the 2.5 mm size and fit nicely.

I noticed in photos that some of you seem to be using tantalum caps in these spaces, but I know these are polarized and can explode if connected incorrectly. Are those actually fat MLCC caps or something else?

I'm tempted to solder every other cap onto the back side of the board so they'll fit together. What do you recommend?