Spin FV-1 IC availability

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Admin (Robert)
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I wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update about the Spin FV-1 IC situation...

Regretfully I've decided that as we move into 2022 PedalPCB will not be restocking Spin FV-1 ICs for the unforeseeable future. This was not an easy decision but I am unable to acquire high enough quantities to keep up with the waitlist, and the lead time seems to grow each time I inquire about the situation.

When I do get a shipment in they typically sell out within an hour leaving a large majority of the waitlist empty handed. Not to mention, the postal service is inevitably going to misplace a portion of those shipments leaving no recourse but to offer a full refund since they sell out almost immediately.

Rather than keep people waiting for months on end in vain, I've decided that for the time being it would be best to leave this in the hands of other parts vendors.

Moving forward the FV-1 projects (and pre-programmed EEPROMs) will still be restocked as usual, but FV-1 ICs will need to be sourced from another parts vendor.

We'll reassess the situation in the future if/when availability improves to the point that they can be reliably restocked on a regular basis.

In the meantime, a few known reliable sources are:
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