Stupid Pedal Tricks - episode 1


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"I built a Quarantine board, but it's not fuzzy enough. How do I make it sound like a Hybrid Tone Bender?"


You could always build a Hybrid Tone Bender on a Quarantine board.

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I was also going for the record for the longest transistor legs.
Chuck, you know that's just asking for trouble, Radio stations & all.
How Big is the Enclosure going to be!
At least the Silver Mica was a good decision!!!

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Had to do some troubleshooting. There was swearing involved. The board looks a little different after I fixed my screw-ups. Paint comes next, probably an acrylic pour. Seems appropriate for a 60's throw-back pedal.

This unit contains two mods I mentioned in the thread in the Wish List forum. Referring to the Marigold schematic,
  • C10 is reduced to 47nF to increase the mid presence.
  • The FUZZ control is replaced with C250K. C3 is increased to 220nF. C5 is jumpered. R6 is removed. A 4.7nF cap is connected between FUZZ pins 2 & 3. This turns the FUZZ control into a Bass & Mid cut control.
Q1 & Q2 are BC549C.
Q3 is an MP38A. The one I selected gives 2.7V at the collector.
D1 is a 1N34A from Tayda.

Hybrid Tone Bender on a Quarantine board - innards 02.jpg

Hybrid Tone Bender on a Quarantine board - front (unpainted) 02.jpg
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