Sundial - can it take 18V?


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Hello - I picked up a second hand PedalPCB Sundial build on Reverb and love it. My question is whether it can handle an 18V power supply? I am running out of 9V outlets on my power supply. I can't find information on what appears to be an legacy board, so thought I'd ask on the forum.
As long as the electrolytic caps are rated high enough it can take the voltage. I don't use any electrolytics rated less than 25v for that reason.
Are we talking ab one of the Fuzz face/sunface clones? Sundial would certainly suggest so. Can a fuzz face take 18v even with appropriate electros and what would you be hoping to gain from running at 18v?
Yes we are, that's my question. What I'm hoping to gain is an extra 9V outlet. But I can use the 18v to 9v adapter as suggested above.
I thought it was an old fashion silicon transistor running at +9V. I mean I had no idea it had a charge pump etc.
It is. Of it's the Silismile anyway
Was just cracking a joke...
Edit, no idea what the sun dial is.
Edit 2: guessing it's the sunflower PCB, which has a pump.