Talk about GAS....


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I was sitting on my toilet one morning, when I realized I was sitting on a goldmine!


After building 100 of his newly designed Fuzz pedals only to realize they all sounded like sh*t, Steve wondered if this business venture would ever pan out. He shared his woes with a marketing friend who asked to hear one of the pooting pedals. When his laughter eventually subsided, he revealed a new direction for the flatulent fuzz and the tense tinkerer.

The above of course is meant in jest...I figure a guy who builds fart boxes has at least some sense of humor.

Thanks @Stickman393 and @SteveGadlin for clearing the air!

Feral Feline

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Top jacks.

Sir, your pedal needs to ditch the outdated paradigm of side-jackassage and get with modern pedalboard-friendly space-saving jack practices ie top jacks. Of course, that's, like, just my opinion, man.


Wishing you utmost success with your rose-dropping endeavour.