Tayda drill coordinates for 1590BB or 1590BB2 top mount jacks?


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Hi pals,

I'm going to take the plunge and try Tayda's drill service for the first time, I'm just curious if anyone happens to have the magic numbers handy to allow top mount jacks to work on a 1590BB with pot insulators and enclosed 1/4" jacks (ie, https://www.taydaelectronics.com/6-35mm-1-4-stereo-phone-jack.html)?

Doing it with a hand drill and centre punch is always threading an extremely fine needle, so I want to save myself the trouble and start ordering the tops pre-drilled.

I'm going to use the 1590BB2 enclosures for a few pedals, but I assume these are too new for anyone to have done the math yet; but I assume I can just take the 1590BB numbers, add 1mm and have some extra clearance.



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Answering my own query here...

I did some hasty math and ordered some 1590BB2 enclosures with the top jacks and 3pdt pre-drilled. The box arrived today and the numbers actually worked out ok, so if anyone else happens to need the coordinates for 1590BB2 here they are:

Those numbers will give you a mm or two clearance on both the lid and 16mm alpha/tayda pots with covers on them.