Tayda EP Booster - lil pedal, big tone


I know it's not a PedalPCB based project, but I just HAD to share with y'all. I made a Tayda EP Booster! I set a challenge for myself to try to squeeze it into a little 1590A enclosure, inspired of course by the fabulous Xotic EP Booster. I couldn't resist putting the biggest honkin' knob I could find on it as well 🙃


Here it is from the top. I wired the bass and treble switches to the exterior, which I think gives it some added utility over internal-only. The side-mounted led was a compromise based on really really limited interior space.


Da guts! I had to make some pretty **interesting** choices to get it all to fit. Let's all take a moment to laugh at that silly gigantic cap that I had to kind of tuck behind the input jack. I didn't have the right 35v 100uF cap, so I made do with a 50v I had on-hand. There is one PedalPCB part in here, though - the J201 smd adapter board saved the day!


Finally, here's an image of the wiring before I installed the pcb. It's SO crowded in there, but it was a lot of fun to get everything routed in.


I'd highly recommend this configuration for anyone who enjoys this kind of challenge. It takes up hardly any room on my board and sounds fabulous. I especially like what it does in front of my Hawaiian Pizza fuzz from Caroline Corporation - gives it a whole new life!


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A rangemaster in a 1590A would be rad!
I've built a few Red Roosters in a 1590A. Not hard to do. The circuit is tiny - at least on Vero it is. It's basically a Rangemaster with a bass pot - genius concept and sounds great. I've used Russian NPN Ge transistors and even low hfe silicon like 2N2222A.

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I’m planning on doing the full classic Dan Armstrong lineup in LB enclosures in the future (just have the Orange squeezer and blue clipper worked out rn). I’ll gladly add a rangemaster to the LB queue if I can think of a nice name for it.
Have you got the schematic for the Yellow Humper?
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The closest I've come to one was an old for-sale thread on Talk Bass, leading me to believe that the Yellow Humper is a phantom, another conjuration ala the "buffered 4049"... Just a Keyser Söze story with no proof of existence.

I've got 2 Red Ranger PCBs, one to build stock, the other to approximate the Yellow Humper...

[EDIT: sleep deprived post should've read "2 Purple Peaker PCBs" 'cause that's what I meant, what I have, and besides "2 Purple Peaker PCBs" rolls off the tongue better than "2 Red Ranger PCBs". *sigh*]
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Great build. Your wiring looks fantastic and clean! What kind of wire is that? The green and yellow are popping :love:

@Feral Feline out of curiosity, I did a little reading and it looks like all the schematics for the Yellow Hummer have gone offline, which is a shame. However, it looks like it was the same as the Purple Peaker, but with the notch filters adjusted for bass emphasis rather than treble.