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Unmistakably Don. Speaking of dawn, the familiar late sun and crisp mornings of autumn have arrived and this particular one means all guesses have been made.

Excellent question Mr. Bones. I do not touch the transistor to be tested. I use tweezers to mini-grabbers on the leads. If anyone thinks this unnecessary I encourage you to try both ways and see the results.

Anecdotally (as if), one of the leads to the DCAPro broke at pad inside the mini-grabber. Quick fix, but those dangling leads can be like fishing with treble hooks on a reef.

Now let's find out who won...I suppose I should have written that number down. Anyone remember what it was?

The actual retail price is...whoops wrong show. The measured gain was 88

The closest entry was @Feral Feline with 87.23

@BuddytheReow & @Coda each guessed 87

@jeffwhitfield picked 89 .

Four winners are better than three! Why? Because I said so!

Congratulations! You'll now be able to rattle off wonderful and mysterious values like Iceo (pronounced iceo).

Thank YOU so much for reading and playing along. As always, thank you @PedalPCB for providing us with this playground and these fantastic circuits. Thanks again to @StompBoxParts for providing one of the prizes!

Now go build something! (or stay and watch this new episode of Hypnotoad)


Feral Feline

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Two other people (BuddytheReow & Coda) had already picked my number before me, so I just added the decimal place and... 😹.

Congrats to the "87" winners (and Jeff), and yet another BIG HEAPA HUNKA BURNIN' SOLDER-LOVE for @fig and his contests!

I had a transistor tester kajigger and bricked it immediately upon trying to use it, so this TC1 is a much needed and welcomed replacement.

Thank you for the fun & kit, Fig.