Tech21 XXL


It's an op amp clipping distortion with a "warp" control for fuzzier character. The original has smd components and some goop but was traced. I built the Tagboard layout that removed the buffers to use one op amp instead of the original's two different op amps. It didn't sound like a real one to a friend and I who compared them.

Originally, half the TL072 is for the boost and warp stage and half TLC2662 for the drive. Then the other halves make up the buffers, which some clone layouts removed.

I've seen edits of the original "Luja" schematic with edits that are just speculation of the switching or leaving an op amp stage hanging out. There's a bass version I'm curious about, but the original sounds great and it would be good to have a verified board.


teardown/goop removal:

unverified builds and guesses:

interview with designer:


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