Terrarium should be renamed Swiss Cheese


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My Swiss cheese is normally Yellow!, you may need to check with the Supplier!!!

Maybe it's Roquefort (yes I know, wrong country) :p

BTW, I visited the Roquefort caves in 1999 with my father and it was quite interesting (and pungent a bit...)


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All done by myself.

I would probably pay a dollar or two for pre-drilled. :)
I'm going the custom drill route. Even at 4,50 usd, it's worth it to save me the hassle, as I don't have a drill press and I don't want to screw an enclosure if I do it myself... I'll be building two, with the plan on selling one just to cover those expenses, and I'd rather have it look pro ;) But yours look great, and I love the pastel choice of colors.