TFW the PCB you were going to buy is out of stock


I’ve had the informant drive in my cart for a week that I’m planning on building and finally got the go ahead from my wife to buy it tonight only to see if went out of stock in the last few hours ?

The worst feeling! Now to find another drive to tide me over until I can build what I want! How long typically until PCBs are back in stock?

(Not a complaint against pedalPCB in any way - just a bummer!).


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Sales will do that. I'll have to wait for 2 boards to be back in stock for my next batch of builds, but still bought some stuff yesterday, as what I saved covers the shipping. I wouldn't mind multiple orders, but with shipping to Canada and the currency exchange, I try to consolidate my orders. Also, if you want a board and it's in stock, don't sleep!
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All the boards I bought at the beginning of the week are now out of stock. Dang! Those sales really clear house. Sorry to have grabbed one of the last Informant's out from under ya :devilish:


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No offense taken at all, heck I know it's aggravating. It usually takes about two weeks for restocks to arrive, depending on the size of the order.

I'm holding off until tomorrow so I can reorder everything that gets cleared out by the sale.
I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing the VH4 in the near future? :)


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I placed an order last weekend of the stuff I really wanted and was afraid would sell out quickly with a sale, then got some stuff I'd like to have with the sale