Thermionic Distortion ..

1st build with LEDS inside on the board, one side only lit up but a email to Mr Pedalpcb late at night got me going ! Very fun build,bought a predrilled enclosure from Tayda the green one came in so I used it and Monday the black enclosure came in for this build but I will buy white knobs for it...this pedal is very quite for a distortion pedal..amazing!

Been rockin it !


Clean build, but the color scheme gives me a headache 😵. Are those fiber washers under the jacks? came from the 80's skateboard graphics scene back when boards had shapes !...kidding.. The white knobs and black ones i bought hit with the 6 pot layout, to large so i put the red ones on, i reordered the right sized and right colors

The jacks are the Tayda ones that i had to put a nut and toothed washer to move them in a bit because they going in crooked, going to buy the black plastic ones i see people using on here from now on for my builds and use a smaller power jack as well...

I ordered some nut on the outside power jacks that will allow to take everything out once soldered and put back in if needed to trouble shoot as well..

Im learning ! I have a friend that will print out the graphics ..they won't be plain jane looking , thinking of some cool schemes for the builds, i will update

I really do like my new Hakko iron soldering will get better with it sure