This is my freaky take on a Rat

Howdy. My name is Lucky and I used to run Demonic Machines. I have some circuits that I'm not making anymore so I thought I'd share one or a few. This first one is called Fishbones. It's a Rat that uses a LM358 as both the gain stage and the output buffer. This results in a fuzzier Rat with a little less volume, but I think it's interesting. Additionally, I included a LM317 wired to a potentiometer so you can get 2ish-15 volts from a 9 volt power supply, so it's great for "dying battery" stuff but can also have some extra headroom if you turn the voltage all the way up to 15. Other stuff includes a weird filter section and selectable clipping diodes. Here's Ryan Burke demoing the Fishbones.

And here's the schematic:

So... have fun with it!