Today is David Glimour's Birthday


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I have been a Gilmour fan forever, and cannot pick an all-time favorite. I really like his first solo album, and Animals is one of my top 5 all time favorites. I have recently gotten into Obscured by Clouds, and album I always overlooked. I really like it, and there are some real tasty tones on that album...


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Really hard to pick one. The one that changed my life and made me wanna play the guitar was Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Dogs is perfect. And Mother is my favorite solo (I think?).


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Coming in late on this one, but "Welcome to the Machine" was terrifying to me as a kid. Favorite would probably be "On the Turning Away".


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I like bits of The Wall, bits of Dark Side of the Moon and most of Wish You Were Here. I like Animals but it's always sounded a bit light on for songs to me. It sounds like they wrote a couple of songs then stretched them into an album.

For me it was Wish You Were Here. That was the album I turned out all the lights for after a toke and listened to with a cold beer. Much better than listening to the Durutti Column stoned - That was disorienting!

These days I reckon BRMC would be perfect for a similar experience. But I don't touch anything except alcohol these days.


I haven't Floyd'd out in a while, but Meddle is still I think an absolute pinnacle of an album for me. The production, the compositions, the sounds, the mood, it's just 'heavy'. 'One of these days' is an amazing opener, but 'Echos' probably cemented my love for long format burns with deep instrumental leanings and probably unwittingly my interest in engineering. I can't think of a single other 'psych' band from the time that would dare put a 23 minute song on the B side, filled with reverse reverbs and Gilmore's sparkling strat, I couldn't imagine hearing this record in 71 I'd absolutely loose my pants. Man, time to grab my headphones and green coffee, I got some jams to put on...