SOLVED Tone Pot Acting Like Volume Pot


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I finished this Candid Drive and tested it on the Auditorium Test Platform and then in the enclosure. Everything seemed fine. I then took it apart, applied a waterslide decal and clear coat to the enclosure, and put it back together. Now the TONE pot is acting like a volume and I am almost certain it was previously acting like a proper tone pot before. Everything else seems normal.

Anything look like the obvious cause of that?


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Looks like you soldered your power wires in after it was in the box, give em a scrub with a toothbrush and iso especially around the - pad and lug 1 of the tone control. Lug 1 isn’t connected in the schematic but if it is making a ground connection that would explain it.
All soldering was done before removal to work on enclosure graphics.
Looks like the power lead is almost long enough to make contact with #3 pad of the tone control (to the left of Music6000's blue circle).

You COULD make a connection between blue and red (lugs 1&2), the circuit will still behave as it should and even if ever the pot craps out, in most cases the signal would still get through.