Trying to decide which amp to build next...

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  • British 18W TMB

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  • Tweed Deluxe 5E3

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The side benefit of going with the carbon films on this build would be... well... I still have some leftovers from the 5F2-A build... not that resistors are really going to be the big cost sink here... though I am looking at the Jupiter electrolytic capacitors...
One tip I can give with using modern carbon/metal film….not huge with tweeds, but as you get into bigger amps, is that compared to the old resistors, their overall length including leads is shorter…so go up a size! Where the originals used 1/2 watt carbon comp (or carbon films in Marshall’s), use 1 watt/carbon metal film!
I always use 1W carbon film resistors for the main section of the circuit. Anything which deserves larger than 1W gets metal film. CC just make noise, not mojo.

I wouldn't worry about Jupiter electrolytics - F+T are great for the bigger values and the Spragues have worked fine as bypass caps for me. And for coupling caps I've long used Sozo but have been using Mallory 150s more and more again and I can't say I've really noticed. I detest Orange Drops. Maybe for sound but mainly because they get huge and they are ugly!

I've built a fair few 5F4/5E7 circuits and love 'em. I build them as a 1x12 and they are just about the perfect size and volume for a gigging amp if you're using a pedal for dirt. The EQ works ok but is weird - over noon the bass and treble pots add volume/gain as much as bass and treble. I'm currently using a 5F4 1x12 a lot with my Strat as it really adds body the a Strat's scooped sound. I've gigged a lot with this kind of amp. I have built them with EL34s and KT77s a lot and they sound beautiful. But my current 5F4 has 6L6s in it and they seem to suit the Strat better. Of course this is just what suits me - I'm certain you will find differently, and that's as it should be.
I cut my amp building teeth on a 5e3 with MM transformers with a SDG kit (defunct now).

fwiw, I don't think the higher price is worth it compared to heyboer. I have purchased almost 100 MM transformers and chokes but they have just gone ridiculously high priced. And I'm only a few miles from them, so I pay $0 for freight as I do "will call" . I really didn't notice any decrement in quality when I switched to Heyboer.

Be aware that ALL tweed builds are *very* cramped. It is like building a ship in a bottle.... but there is nothing like the sound of a Tweed Deluxe with a Tele.

I know that back in the early 2000s, when folks finally realized that the OT in the plexi reissues were the real weak link (and not the fact they were PCB), I put a LOT of transformers in for folks. Many like the MM, mainly due to the publicity Plexi Palace gave them, and rightfully so- they are a nice transformer… but by far, everyone who heard my amp with the OEI (as you mentioned, is made by Heyboer) liked it more than the MM… and they were literally 1/2 the price at the time!!!
So yes, I’ll agree with you 1000% Heyboer is a strong contender in the market.. and with much nicer prices.