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Twin Face - PedalPCB PedalBlock Tone Control Mod


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Level (Volume) B100K Pot Lug 3 is removed from Twin Face PCB - 220nF Capacitor connects between Lug 3 & OUT Pad of Tone Control PCB.
Tone Control PCB - Connect wire from IN Pad to Twin Face Level Pot Pad 3.

I used a Alpha 12mm because of the 4PDT Toggle switch hence the splayed out PCB Pins.
I built it like this so it would not foul under the Twin Face PCB. Increased R3 & R7 Resistors - 470R to 1K as suggested by Chuck D. Bones to compensate Volume loss.

A Big Thanks to Mr. PedalPCB for the Values & Advice!

PedalPCB Twin Face Tone Block Instructions.jpg

Twin Face Tone Pot Mod 2.jpg Twin Face Tone Pot Mod 1.jpg Twin Face Tone Pot Mod 4.jpg
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Thanks for this info, did this for my Twin face build yesterday. Finding there is not a lot of volume in the pedal, is that normal? I changed the 470R over to 1K on both sides & am getting unity volume around 4 o'clock or so

Chuck D. Bones

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The FF was never that loud to begin with and the Tone Stack eats a fair amount of signal. You can increase R3 & R7 further, you need to readjust the trimmers when changing those resistors. Increasing C2 & C4 would definitely help since the Tone stack is much lower impedance than the Volume pot. Try 100nF or larger.