Tyrian Distortion


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Spent a week figuring how i was going to build this one , took some thinking a forum member suggested using sockets vs the way the build doc's recommend , did a mock up it looked awesome and a great idea...its a very tight build !

I reversed the IC's when putting in ( thanks for pointing that out Cybercow ! )...very rookie mistake and it blew the 10R.

Replaced the R2 Cybercow suggested check C2 and C4 so i replaced them..i unsoldered the IC put in new ones the right way...put in the LED (see below) and it worked !

Sounds Awesome ! Its a very quite pedal for having all the gain you will need...Other than my mistakes, i learned from them and glad i can unsolder in tight spots I'm glad this one is done !

Used sockets to put in the second IC....

This took some work, used header pins to connect to the board and used sockets underneath for the LED..it would have been tuff soldering it in..i often get this LED wrong and is the last thing i do...some builds I've done it is reversed from the norm...