Unison Double Tracker placement


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Hey people, just finished this one and i'm amazed on how it thickens the sound of guitar and makes it more 3D.

My question is, where do you put it in your chain? i know its a matter of taste and i'm gonna make different combinations but i'm just curious to see others opinions.

the way i tried so far and sounded awesome is
Wah>clean booster>fuzz's>od's>Katana booster>chorus>phaser>reverb>unison>delay>amp

i really like it what it did to the tone and probably will be an ''always on'' effect, but i believe its has more logic to put it before reverb.

Let me know how you use it.

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Since it’s a “studio” effect, I’d personally put it as the last thing in the effects loop other than reverb. That’ll most similarly mimic an actual ADT application in the recording process.