Vfe blueprint with tap tempo


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This pedal took far too long to finish... I think it's just shy of 2 years. Anyways, I'm happy I finally finished this one. It's a great sounding delay. The inside is a mess, but the pedal works. I decided to try out the Gorva enclosure because I couldn't think of a better way to waste money. I might even throw some aluminum knobs on there to ensure the pedal reaches its full tonal potential. I know it's not the brass knobs that some companies use to enhance tone and reduce vibrations, but I find that I prefer the sound of an aluminum knob. To each their own, I guess.
For adding the tap tempo, I followed the guides on the madbean forum. Bio77's Time Vampire and Aentons blueprint tap tempo were both helpful. I took @thewintersoldier advice of painting the 9mm pots white, though he never suggested melting part of the depth pot... I did that on my own. Painting the pointers on the pot makes a huge difference in being able to actually know what the settings are. I'm surprised by the amount of volume this has on tap. it easily overdrives my amp. If you like delays I recommend checking it out.


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That's quite an accomplishment! Shoehorning the tap tempo board into an already packed board, isn't easy, congrats. I think it's one of the best sounding PT2399 delays out there.


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@Bio77 Thanks. I didn't think adding the tap tempo would be problematic, but the board is pretty small, and it took some time to get it sitting right. I haven't built too many pt2399 delays though I have listened to many demos. So far, this is my favourite. I don't have any inclination to build another delay while not until there is an fv-1 or daisy seed with tap. Then I'll build all the delays.