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Hey all! Just finished this up the other day. Overall it was a pretty straightforward, no fuss build that was lots of fun to put together. I lifted pin 6, as per the build doc suggestions, and this thing fired up no problem. My fabric wrapping journey continues; this one came together pretty nicely and I'm digging how the knobs match the blue dots on the fabric.

In terms of how it sounds, I'm pretty surprised by how much I'm enjoying this one. I'm not a huge connoisseur of tremolo in general. It's always felt like a relatively straightforward effect to me with not a lot of variety in terms of how it sounds, but this one has a certain characteristic to it that's hard to put my finger on that I'm really enjoying. Like, the tremolo is subtle while still being choppy, if that makes sense? It's got a nice balance to it that is really enjoyable to play. I do wish the rate knob could go just a smidge slower, but ultimately it's not that huge of a deal. I recorded a couple clips with different settings. The first is with the sine wave set to a slower rate and shallow-ish depth. The second is a square wave set to be much more choppy, paired with my green russian big muff. It can also get into some crazy, almost ring mod-like settings with the rate knob cranked, but I didn't record anything with that.

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im digging that fabric. how did you attach it?
I just use good ol' fashioned Mod Podge. Put a thin layer on the backside of the fabric and a layer on the enclosure itself and then smash em together. Sometimes I'll add another layer on the outside of the fabric if it really needs it/the fabric won't show it too much, but generally that isn't needed.