Walrus Eras


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Does anyone know anything about the Eras? Has anyone traced it yet? I'd love to make a clone of it but its so new there is still zero info out there.


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I know this is a late response. Just got this pedal the other day. I cracked it open and took some pics of the innards. I don't think we'll be seeing a trace anytime soon. Looks to be a pretty complicated circuit...but likely doable though.

TL072 op-amps aren't a problem...neither is the CD4066 and PIC16F1826 IC's. All those are available as packages that can be installed on through-hole boards.

The T4 diodes might be just 1N4148 diodes so not likely a problem.

There's also an HFD31/9 relay IC that's available as through-hole as well.

I think the problem is the sheer size of the circuit. Hell, I bet there's even more components on the other size of the board. I'm not seeing the LED's used for clipping modes so they're probably on the other side. My guess is that if you scaled it to a full through-hole circuit you'd likely have to double the size of the enclosure. That's the problem with pedals like this.